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Protein with amazing natural goodness of Insects

We, at Keetup, are the leading BSFL meal manufacturer and supplier in India. We have expertise in insect ingredients that are 100% non-GMO and suitable for all animal feed purposes. Keetup products are an amazing way to make aquaculture, poultry & livestock farming more sustainable and cost-effective. 

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Keetup Aqua BSFL Whole Powder

High Quality Grounded Whole Insects in a Powdered Form. Sustainable protein source for aquaculture and poultry.

BSFL Meal-Manufacturer In India

Keetup Gold is made from defatted larvae that are fed a pre-consumer by-product. Its a high protein, low fat BSFL meal that has all the goodness that majority animals require.


Premium BSFL Oil that is produced from mechanical pressing of high grade larvae. Rich with lauric acid, our high fat oil is a preferred choice for poultry and swine farms around the world.

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Insects - The future of animal feed industry ?

By the year 2050, the planet will be packed with nine billion people. In low- and middle-income countries, the demand for animal products is rising sharply as economies grow; in the next few decades, we’ll need to figure out how to produce enough protein for billions more mouths. Simply ramping up our current system is not really a solution.

The global livestock industry already takes an enormous toll on the environment. It’s a hungry and thirsty beast, gobbling up land & water. It’s a potent polluter, thanks to the animal waste and veterinary medicines that seep into soil and water. And it emits more greenhouse gases than planes, trains and automobiles combined.

On the other hand, insects are chock-full of protein and rich in essential micronutrients, such as iron and zinc. They don’t need as much space as livestock, emit lower levels of greenhouse gases.  Insect meal can replace some of the expensive ingredients (e.g. soybeans and fishmeal) that are fed to farm animals, potentially lowering the cost of livestock products and freeing up feed crops for human consumption.

With Keetup, you can step into the future today. 

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