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Keetup is the largest insect meal manufacturer in India

At Keetup, we believe there is better way to produce proteins. A more sustainable, less polluting way where we don’t have to work against Mother Nature. Rather we take guidance from nature’s own little warriors i.e. bugs to manufacture protein rich feed ingredients. 

Our team is extremely passionate about bringing this to our customers in an effective way and to show that sustainability doesn’t always come with a cost. It can even help to reduce costs for our clients and also help our planet to heal in tandem. 

Keetup protein manufacturing facilities bring in more than 200x efficiency when compared to traditional soybean and other animal-derived protein products. We have one of the biggest facilities in India of such type. Our industrial scale production unit in Haryana makes us the largest insect meal producer in India. 

We will have 2 billion more people by 2050 and we need to figure out ways to ensure food security eminently. The livestock industry already takes a huge toll on our planet by being one of the major contributors of green house gases.

While on the other hand, bugs are the little miracle of natures that haven’t been tapped for the massive potential that they hold. Bugs are packed with protein and micronutrients. They hold the key to a future where food security can be ensured and protein production is much efficient for our industries and the planet alike.

With us, you can step into the future of proteins today.

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To accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable protein production. 


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Ankit Savarni


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Insect Meal manufacturer in India

If you are not afraid to take bold risks and make truly remarkable stuff happen, we are looking for you. Let’s reshape the protein production industry together. Let’s create a more sustainable livestock industry together. Come work with India’s largest insect meal manufacturer. 

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