Black Soldier Fly Larvae

keetup whole

Microwave dried high quality whole dried BSF larvae. They are suitable for various animal feed needs and are great source of proteins and fats.

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Keetup aqua

High-quality powdered dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae(BSFL). They are an amazing feed option for fishes, exotics and swine. Keetup Aqua is a sustainable feeding option for hobbyists and industries alike.

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Keetup Aqua BSFL Whole Powder
BSFL Meal-Manufacturer In India

keetup gold

Keetup Gold is made from defatted BSF larvae. This is a high protein, low fat blend that has all the goodness needed for various animal feed needs. Available in a powdered form. This product serves as a great alternative to fishmeal and soymeal.

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keetup silver

Our premium BSFL Oil that is produced from mechanical pressing of high grade larvae. Rich with lauric acid. our high fat oil is a great choice all across livestock industry.

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Queries We Get Often

Fishes, chickens, shrimps, cats, dogs, exotic animals like bearded dragons. You name it!

We have animal nutritionists and researchers with us, which can provide ample guidance to help you switch from other protein meals like fish meal to insect meal.

We will give you not one but three reasons :

1. Stable Pricing
2. When you choose to partner with Keetup, it comes with the reliability of the largest BSFL meal manufacturer in India. So consistency  will always be impeccable. 
3. Last but not the least, choosing insect ingredients is really good for the Mother Earth.

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